Church Broadcasting Entity
The Spirit of Fitness Season Five  
Past Programmes from season five appear below.
Host & Producer: Chris Robrahn

Senior Contributor to the “Spirit of Fitness”: James Eicher


Contributors: Steve Oschner 

  Brad Johnson

  John Garcia, Jr.

Program Original Air date

Show 5.1 (Season Premiere)

“Enhancing the Mind Body Link through Meditation” 9/26/17                                         Part One     Part Two

Show 5.2 “REMAINING HEALTHY & FIT: 10/3/17                                                          Part One     Part Two

  Changing nutrition requirements as we age”

Show 5.3 Dr. CJ Mackie on the Integration of Fitness                                                     Part One     Part Two

  and Nutrition (first of two parts) 10/10/17

Show 5.4: Dr. CJ Mackie on the Integration of Exercise                                                 Part One       Part Two

  and Nutrition” (second of two parts) 10/17/17

Show 5.5: Effective Exercise Strategies (Five parts)                                                       Part One       Part Two

  “Being proactive with physical separation from exercise” 10/26/17

Show 5.6 “The role Youth Gymnastics Played in my life 11/3/17                                     Part One       Part Two

  By contributor Brad Johnson”

Show 5.7 “Goals Update 5.0” 11/10/17                                                                             Part One       Part Two

Show 5.8 “Advances in Fitness Testing and Evaluation with                                             Part One       Part Two

  Dr. Heidi Bell, PH.D.” 11/15/17

Show 5.9 “Fitness After: Steve Kalocinski Playing Division 1                                             Part One       Part Two

  Collegiate & Professional Sports” 11/32917

Show 5.10 “Effective Exercise Strategies (2): Happy Holidays” 12/8/17                             Part One       Part Two

Show 5.11 “Corporate Fitness” 12/28/17                                                                             Part One       Part Two

Show 5.12 “Dan Hays: A Life Long Journey with Fitness” 1/ 2/18                                       Part One       Part Two

Show 5.13 “A Return to Fitness Principles with Ron Jones” 1/9/18                                     Part One       Part Two

Show 5.14 “Effective Exercise Strategies (3): The vacation 1/16/18                                   Part One       Part Two

  vs. the business trip”

Show 5.15 “The Role of the Mind…..” (PLEASE CHECK) 1/23/18                                     Part One       Part Two

Show 5.16 “Boot Camp Fitness with Kate Jones” 2/6/18                                                     Part One       Part Two

Show 5.17 “NUTRITION BASICS: Understanding the role of Carbs,                                 Part One       Part Two

  Fats and Proteins” 2/20/18

Show 5.18 “Effective Exercise Strategies (4): Separation from Fitness                             Part One       Part Two

due to physical or mental challenges” 3/7/18

Show 5.19 “The Importance of Fitness in Aging 5.0”                                                         Part One       Part Two 

Show 5.20 “Contributor Roundtable” 3/21/18                                                                     Part One     Part Two

Show 5.21 “Effective Exercise Strategies (5): Burnout” 3/28/28                                         Part One     Part Two

Show 5.22: (Season Finale) “Different Cultural Perspectives on Fitness                            Part One     Part Two

  (China) A conversation with Grace Wu”. 4/10/18