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The Spirit of Fitness
Past Programmes from season three appear below.
"Different Cultural Perspectives on Fitness" 9/29/15
"Promoting Healthy Habits" 10/6/15
"Future Faces in Fitness: Training the trainers" 10/13/15
​"Effective Exercise Strategies:The Introduction" 10/20/15  
 "Exploring Chinese Traditional Medicine with Dr. Qizhi Gao" 10/27/15  
 "Effective Exercise Strategies: Why an understanding of basic muscle physiology is important in training" 11/17/15  
"Goals Update 3.0" 11/10/15  
 "Fred Saab, inspiring older adults through exercise" 11/3/15   
 "A Christian scholar and educator's
  lifelong journey with holistic fitness,
  with Dr. Donald Rominger, PHD 11/23/15 
"Wheelchair Fitness" 12/1/15   
"Effective Exercise Strategies:
  General Conditioning"  12/8/15
 "Youth Fitness with Rick Pappas" 12/15/15  
"Getting your fitnss focus back
  on track" 12/22/15   
"How food choices impact our
  daily lives"  1/5/16   
"Planet Fitness" 1/12/16   
"Effective Exercise Strategies:
  Body shaping & reshaping" 1/19/16 
"Strength in Numbers:  
  The Benefits of Group Exercise" 1/26/16

​ "The Importance of Fitness in Aging 3.0" 2/23/16

​ "Effective Exercise Strategies:
  The Elite Athlete" 3/22/16 
​"Jill Landrith on Dance & Fitness" 3/29/16  
"The Role of Supplements" 4/5/16   
​ "Military Fitness" 4/12/16   
​ "Effective Exercise Strategies:
  Season #3 conclusion: Fighting Stagnation" 4/19/16
​ "When Fitness means more than
  simply exercise" (season finale pt. #1,
  Andres Avante) 4/26/16   
​"When Fitness means more than
  simply exercise" (season finale pt. #2:
  Jane Dooling) 5/10/16   
"Master Grace Wu presents her students" 2/16/16
 "What is Crossfit" 3/15/16