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The Spirit of Fitness
Past Programmes from season two appear below.
 "Bodybuilding in Fitness" 9/23/14
"Nutrition myths... debunked"  9/30/14
 "Fitness linking the body and mind" 10/7/14
"The many Benefits of Swimming" 10/14/14
"Psychology in Fitness" 10/21/14
"The Burlington, KS Recreation Center" 11/11/14
"Goals Update 2.0" 11/4/14
"The Reward from Personal Training" 10/28/14
"Great Workout Series: The warm up
  and need for flexibility" 11/18/14
"The Fitness World of Grace Wu" 11/25/14
"Great Workout Series: The Role of Cardio" 12/2/14
"What is Gryrotonic and Gyrokinesis?"  12/9/15
"The Health Club Difference" 12/16/14
"Gift giving for the home fitness buff" 12/23/14
"How to consistently make motivation and adherence an essential part of your fitness plan" 12/30/14
Programme Twenty PT1
Programme Twenty PT2
" Promoting Healthy Competition" 1/6/2015
" Great Workout Series: the Core" 1/13/2015
" The Breakthrough Club: making fitness and wellness a priority for the mentally ill" 1/20/2015
" The Importance of Fitness in Aging 2.0: the 40s and 50s" 1/27/2015
" Positive Injury Recovery and Rehabilitation" 2/3/2015
"Being a Good Shepherd of Nutrition" 2/10/15 
"Learning Tai Chi and King Fu from Grace, the master" 2/17/15 
"What is organic, is it healthy?" 2/24/15 
"Healthy feet in fitness" 3/3/15 
"The Great Workout Conclusion: Add extra weights..and don't forget the cool down" 3/10/15
​"What are those personal training certifications?" 3/17/15
(50th Show) Making it real: Meeting Goals
Objectives and Balance in Life" 3/24/15